The answer to the eternal quest in the search for meaning and purpose in life is in living a life devoted to loving others.
Biblically, we know of God's love for mankind in His sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Through that time-dividing act, we are all recipients of divine love. And for those who reciprocate and love God, He faithfully provides the purpose and meaning of life.

The story of The Faith foundation is a tribute to the faithfulness of God. He established The Faith Foundation, using two people who were committed to honouring Him... two people who did not look at the cost, the hardships, the pain and the tears.
He nurtured the growth using humble, dedicated men and women who form the Board of the Society and has touched the lives of thousands over the past four years.

The Faith School started in April 2013 with 23 Student in a small residential house in Goila Diary. Today the school has over 150 students with a staff of 10.