About The Faith School:-

The Faith School is an answer to prayer. It operates under the direction and control of The Faith Foundation Trust through the Managing Committee of Faith Foundation. Faith School being a Christian school seeks to encourage godliness, good character and responsible citizenship in every student.

English is the medium of instruction. The Faith Foundation Society opened the doors of Faith School on December 2013 as a primary school. From a small beginning of 23 students and 5 teachers the school has blossomed upto 3rd Class and now more than 150 students.

Mrs. Usha Rani is the first Principal and Mr. Peter Singh is the Manager of Faith School. The students are trained in the Word of God, (Bible) linguistic, social and scientific disciplines to be godly and responsible citizens of our great country India.

The Faith Primary School experienced of significant progress as the school and community worked together in striving to meet the needs of our students and their families. The data we collect showed improvement in a number of aspects of key learning areas as well as maintaining stable attendance, enrolment and on task behaviour results. We are aware of our challenges and opportunities for further development. We are committed to making a difference. we pride ourselves on ensuring every student is treated as an individual. Every student’s learning, attendance and social development is closely monitored by class teachers and the line manager of each subschool.

I would like to thank the staff, students and parents who have working relentlessly throughout for making our school a quality learning institution. The Faith Primary School is a wonderful place to work and learn.

I have been privileged to lead the school for the last 3 years and look forward with optimism and enthusiasm. We have significant plans in place to make our school more connected, responsive and committed to our improvement agenda.